Eel River Golf Course Policies

Registration– Please plan ahead and register in The Golf Shop at least 15 minutes prior to tee time. By registering prior to your tee time, you will be ready to enjoy the round on time.

Beverages/Coolers– Indiana State Law mandates NO alcoholic beverages may be brought onto a licensed establishment. NO PERSONAL COOLERS are permitted on the property. Only alcoholic beverages purchased from Eel River GC may be allowed
on the property. Golf Cars- Due to insurance requirements, you must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license to drive a golf car. Golf Cars must be kept at least 20 feet from tees and greens. All players are responsible for any damage to the golf car while in their possession. Please use the golf car as it is intended. Reckless operation of the golf car is dangerous and will not tolerated. Only two riders per car. Non-playing guests may be required to pay a fee.

Pace of Play– For your enjoyment and all those also playing, Eel River GC asks you to achieve an acceptable pace of play. The normal pace of play is 4 hours or less for 18 holes. Please maintain a proper pace. In most cases, please stay with the group in front of you. Groups that fall behind an acceptable pace of play may be asked to skip a hole(s) to catch-up. PLEASE PLAY READY GOLF. Players choosing to stop after 9 holes will forfeit their position on the course and will need to check in with the Golf Shop to determine the best options for continuing their round.

Etiquette– For all players enjoyment, common golf etiquette is always required. Please replace divots in fairways and repair ball marks on greens. Running, jumping, and swinging clubs on the greens can cause turf damage. Music is fine, but not for everyone, please keep the volume level to a level that will not be heard beyond your group. Please respect the golf course and other players during your round.

Tee Times– Tee times will be available on-line 7 days in advance.

By understanding and following these policies, Eel River Golf Course can provide the best experience for you and your playing partners

Thank you for your support and happy golfing!